Full Day Tour of the City of Mombasa


Described as a ‘comprehensive highlight of Mombasa’, this tour is a must for any visitor and locals from up country.  We look at Mombasa’s past by learning about slave trade, Colonial era and the history of Mombasa.


Mombasa is the perfect place to help you fall into the naturally languid rhythm of Swahili life while still enjoying the modern comforts of home. Mombasa is the largest city on the Kenyan coast and also the largest coastal port in east Africa. The city’s population is overwhelmingly African, many of whom are Swahilis, but there is a remarkable range of races and cultures here, from Africans to British expats, Omanis, Indians and Chinese.


The most interesting part is the characterful Old Town, with its narrow, winding alleyways, historic Swahili houses and the remains of the mighty Fort Jesus.

The tour is a highlight of cultural aspects of modern day Mombasa. We venture through Mombasa’s Old Town, Fort Jesus, Market and arcades, discovering street art, music & café culture as well as some opulent and sometimes controversial architecture. Sports, art projects and immigration history are also covered in this tour.


Times: Pickup time is 8 am and drop-off depending if it is half day then 1 pm and if it is full day 4 pm.


Duration: For half day the duration will be 5 hours and for full day the duration will be 8 hours.


Meet: We will pick you from your house / hotel and bring you back after the tour.



Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, wear a cap and sunscreen remember Mombasa is hot. We endeavour to offer the tour in hot weather.

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